How Mitsubishi runs after the Australian market

As you know, Mitsubishi Motors Australia is a subsidiary company of the world famous manufacturer Mitsubishi. Recently, it broke the news that Mitsubishi has allocated $400 million to its research & development team in Japan. They have Australia being a major part of the 4-wheeler market. To promote Mitsubishi parts Brisbane wide and capture the Australian market, the company has launched a 4-point scheme.

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The free rider

Mitsubishi demo cars Brisbane customers purchase is a very contemporary market strategy. You already have knowledge about the used cars or second-hand car market. Demo cars serve as the cars of the salesman for traveling purposes or simply for test drive purposes. Then they are sold to customers who are willing to buy these cars. The crucial point which moves demo cars ahead of second-hand cars is that if a car is registered, then demo cars can be termed as second-hand cars, but if they are not registered, then they act as new cars. The price is lower in the case of the former. A customer must check the maintenance records before striking a deal.

The Outlander

It is no new news that Mitsubishi has decided to expand its Outlander model market in Brisbane. This is a smart strategy because Mitsubishi is trying to stop both types of consumers to its doorsteps by having a market both for middle or lower income families and higher income families. The former would go with demo cars, and the latter would buy the Outlander Mitsubishi Brisbane based dealers sell. The Outlander is an addition to the classic Mitsubishi genre with 5 or 7 seats, loudspeakers, and dual-zone climate control.

The Triton

With the confidence of the Mitsubishi parts Brisbane providers, Mitsubishi has made available the Mitsubishi Triton. The car truly speaks its parent company’s words – strength, luxury, elegance, safety, and power. The market strategy model tries to make this beast appealing to the workers. With its extra cargo space on its back and the mileage capacity, packers and movers and other workers had constantly been driven towards the Triton since its initial release. Sub-urban residences look out for the Triton for sale Brisbane based dealers might provide.

The 4th part

In the last three sections, the economics behind Mitsubishi’s market strategy in Australia has been discussed. The common thread in all the strategies is the role Mitsubishi parts Brisbane dealers sell. The company knows that though Mitsubishi’s main attributes are power and durability, wear and tear is still inevitable. So they have kept in mind their after sales services. What no customer likes to hear is that the parts for older models like Mitsubishi Lancer are no longer made. Mitsubishi has taken care its customers have no complaints regarding this point.

Summary of the 4-point strategy

Mitsubishi has classified its market into three groups – middle-income buyers (demo), higher income buyers (Outlander), working class buyers (Triton). And these three points are backed by its high standard after sales services. Hence, it’s the 4-point model. The economics behind this is very simple – a developed country like Australia generates a demand automatically due to its high purchasing power parity and the nature of employment. But Mitsubishi is one of the few companies whose main product is not their name, but their car’s durability. But all this looks good in business school textbooks. So to know the types of machines are available in the market, check the link below,