5 Tips And Tricks To Store Vintage Clothing In Personal Storage

These days, personal storage units Melbourne market has today, along with other metropolises, are offering storage warehouses equipped with their own bathroom! With as much floor space as a house on rent, it might not be long before people start moving into their own storage units.

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Before you decide to pack everything and think of moving to one of these Port Melbourne storage units, you can consider the following tips when storing vintage clothing till you need them again.

Wash & Iron

Instead of storing your mother’s wedding dress in the state it’s in or your grandmother’s bell bottoms from the 60s by dumping them into a box, meticulously wash and iron all your clothing headed off to storage. Surface stains and dirt tend to sink into cloth fiber as time proceeds, progressively attracting all kinds of vermin and insects. Wash everything according to its tags and take what needs to go in for dry cleaning to your local cleaners. Personal storage units like Hoppers Crossing storage may require you to sign forms against flammable objects so make sure all the chemicals and detergents are removed from your clothes before you place them in storage.

Vacuum Seal

Vacuum sealing your clothes before you place them in your local storage units Melbourne firms offer will save you a lot of space. There are a lot of vacuum sealing bags in the market which come with detachable motors. You may want to reconsider placing natural fibers in vacuum sealed bags. Most natural fibers need oxygen to maintain their structure and integrity, where compressing fibers can cause tears and cause fibers to disintegrate.

Plastic Containers Not Boxes

Firms that offer units for storage in Melbourne or your area have their own rules and regulations you will need to follow when storing items. However, it is usually up to you when it comes to choosing what kind of containers you would like to use to store your personal belongings. It is recommended when it comes to clothes, you must use large plastic containers with air tight lids. Choose an acid-free box that will not release any chemicals, destroying your clothes in the process. Vermins are inevitable at all storage units and plastic boxes with lids help keep them out of your stored clothing, where cardboard boxes might invite them to nest there instead. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide

Wrap Valuable Items

Depending on what some articles of clothing may mean to you, wrap those with more sentimental value in tissue paper you can get at art stores. Tissue paper absorbs humidity or dampness that may be in the air and keeps wrapped objects safe. In case you have jackets or pants with embellishments made of metal like copper or silver, you may also want to wrap them in cotton as well as tissue to prevent them from oxidizing.


Not everyone appreciates mothballs and the unpleasant smell they leave behind. However, if you do a bit of research online, you will be able to find silicone gel packets that preserve your clothing just as well. Some mothballs leave the camphor smell and are chemically treated to act like potpourri instead. Some people use natural insect deterrents like whole dried red chilies and sprigs of lavender.

Storing clothes is a bit of a process, but once you get the hang of preserving them, all you will need to do is check in on them once in a while or when you pull them out of storage for vacations or Halloween. For information on storage units Melbourne firms offer, you can visit sites like https://www.publicselfstorage.com.au/