4 Aboriginal Experiences You Must Have During Your Road Trip Down Under

Owning a new family car like a Mitsubishi Outlander Brisbane dealers sell might inspire you to pack the entire family and pets for a long awaited road trip across the Outback. With holidays coming up ahead, you can seriously consider a camping trip to the many nature-friendly destinations in Australia.

The following five aboriginal experiences could be your next destination points for a spectacular road trip with friends and family in New Mitsubishi cars from your area.

Purnululu National Park

Known locally as Bungle Bungle, it is now a protected National Heritage Site tucked away in the western mountainous regions of Australia. You and your family can enjoy the 350 million-year-old Kimberley region while on the road in your new Mitsubishi Outlander Brisbane dealers sell, or hire a helicopter for the day to see the spectacular views. During the rainy season, the Bungle Bungle region comes to life with wildlife and local aboriginals who remained hidden till around 1983. You and your family can stay the night in the national park for a hiking trip or a four-wheel drive like a used Mitsubishi Pajero, safari through the range as well. Camping is encouraged in the area, where you can book breakfast in bed as well as dinner if you are traveling light.

Mount Augustus

No Australian outback adventure is complete without a road trip in your vehicle like Mitsubishi Outlander Brisbane dealers sell, to the record holding largest monolith on earth. With a summit point of 860 m, you can safely take your family to Emu Hill Lookout for some of the best panoramic family vacation pictures. A two-day semi-desolate drive from Perth in your family vehicle, you might as well get your car serviced before you head off on your journey through your local car servicing Brisbane specials.

Gyorn Gyorn Paintings

If your family and young ones are into historical artifacts, a quick drive and a bit of a hike over to Bradshaw’s will give you memories that last a lifetime. The Gyorn Gyorn paintings are said to have been made 60,000 years ago, which predates the Pyramids of Giza. With an estimated count of 10,000 Gyorn art sites in the area, you and your family could be walking through along the same path as Joseph Bradshaw who discovered this magnificent ancient artwork in 1891. Local Aboriginal artists at the Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Cultural Center also replicate similar art forms for visitors to observe and buy as souvenirs.

Warlu Way

An ancient story surrounds the next destination. It was said that a mystical sea serpent named Warlu carved a dreamy path against the vivacious coastland in Exmouth. The aboriginals will be more than happy to share these dream legends with you and your family through this part of the outback. You can take your snorkeling gear to discover an array of aquatic creatures which live in the Warlu Way reef, like turtles, colorful fish, manta rays as well as whale sharks.

With so many outdoor activities to be enjoyed, you can think about getting your friends and family together for this exciting adventure. For your transportation requirements, you can visit websites like http://www.toowongmitsubishi.com.au .